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cunicu daemon

Start the main daemon


Starts the main cunicu agent.

Sending a SIGUSR1 signal to the daemon will trigger an immediate synchronization of all WireGuard interfaces.

cunicu daemon [interface-names...] [flags]


$ cunicu daemon -U -x mysecretpass wg0


  -b, --backend URL               One or more URLs to signaling backends
-x, --community passphrase A passphrase shared with other peers in the same community
-c, --config filename One or more filenames of configuration files
-E, --discover-endpoints Enable ICE endpoint discovery (default true)
-P, --discover-peers Enable peer discovery (default true)
-D, --domain domain A DNS domain name used for DNS auto-configuration
-n, --hostname name A name which identifies this peer
-o, --option stringArray Set arbitrary options (example: --option watch_interval=5s)
-F, --port-forwarding Enabled in-kernel port-forwarding (default true)
-T, --routing-table int Kernel routing table to use (default 254)
-s, --rpc-socket path The path of the unix socket used by other cunicu commands
--rpc-wait Wait until first client connected to control socket before continuing start
-C, --sync-config Enable synchronization of configuration files (default true)
-H, --sync-hosts Enable synchronization of /etc/hosts file (default true)
-R, --sync-routes Enable synchronization of AllowedIPs with Kernel routes (default true)
-w, --watch-config Watch configuration for changes and apply changes at runtime.
-i, --watch-interval duration An interval at which we are periodically polling the kernel for updates on WireGuard interfaces
-U, --wg-userspace Use user-space WireGuard implementation for newly created interfaces
-h, --help help for daemon

Options inherited from parent commands

  -q, --color string            Enable colorization of output (one of: auto, always, never) (default "auto")
-l, --log-file stringArray path of a file to write logs to
-d, --log-level stringArray log level filter rule (one of: debug, info, warn, error, dpanic, panic, and fatal) (default "info")


  • cunicu - cunīcu is a user-space daemon managing WireGuard® interfaces to establish peer-to-peer connections in harsh network environments.