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cunicu wg show

Shows current WireGuard configuration and runtime information of specified [interface].


Shows current WireGuard configuration and runtime information of specified [interface].

If no [interface] is specified, [interface] defaults to 'all'.

If 'interfaces' is specified, prints a list of all WireGuard interfaces, one per line, and quits.

If no options are given after the interface specification, then prints a list of all attributes in a visually pleasing way meant for the terminal. Otherwise, prints specified information grouped by newlines and tabs, meant to be used in scripts.

For this script-friendly display, if 'all' is specified, then the first field for all categories of information is the interface name.

If 'dump' is specified, then several lines are printed; the first contains in order separated by tab: private-key, public-key, listen-port, fwmark. Subsequent lines are printed for each peer and contain in order separated by tab: public-key, preshared-key, endpoint, allowed-ips, latest-handshake, transfer-rx, transfer-tx, persistent-keepalive.

cunicu wg show \{ interface-name | all | interfaces } [\{ public-key | private-key | listen-port | fwmark | peers | preshared-keys | endpoints | allowed-ips | latest-handshakes | transfer | persistent-keepalive | dump }] [flags]


  -h, --help                help for show
-s, --rpc-socket string Unix control and monitoring socket (default "/var/run/cunicu.sock")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -q, --color string            Enable colorization of output (one of: auto, always, never) (default "auto")
-l, --log-file stringArray path of a file to write logs to
-d, --log-level stringArray log level filter rule (one of: debug, info, warn, error, dpanic, panic, and fatal) (default "info")