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cunicu relay

Start relay API server


This command starts a gRPC server providing cunicu agents with a list of available STUN and TURN servers.

Note: Currently this command does not run a TURN server itself. But relies on an external server like Coturn.

With this feature you can distribute a list of available STUN/TURN servers easily to a fleet of agents. It also allows to issue short-lived HMAC-SHA1 credentials based the proposed TURN REST API and thereby static long term credentials.

The command expects a list of STUN or TURN URLs according to RFC7065/RFC7064 with a few extensions:

  • A secret for the TURN REST API can be provided by the 'secret' query parameter

    • Example:
  • A time-to-live to the TURN REST API secrets can be provided by the 'ttl' query parameter

    • Example:
  • Static TURN credentials can be provided by the URIs user info

    • Example:
cunicu relay URL... [flags]




  -h, --help            help for relay
-L, --listen string listen address (default ":8080")
-S, --secure listen with TLS

Options inherited from parent commands

  -q, --color string            Enable colorization of output (one of: auto, always, never) (default "auto")
-l, --log-file stringArray path of a file to write logs to
-d, --log-level stringArray log level filter rule (one of: debug, info, warn, error, dpanic, panic, and fatal) (default "info")


  • cunicu - cunīcu is a user-space daemon managing WireGuard® interfaces to establish peer-to-peer connections in harsh network environments.